Half- and One-Day-Trips

Central Chaco is not a touristy area; this for us -and for anyone wanting to find something a bit different- is one of its great appeals and is what makes it so rewarding to explore. Whether history, anthropology, or simply life conditions in the Chaco is your main interest, or you focus the diversity of the flora and fauna in the Chaco, booking an individual compiled trip will show you the Chaco!

Among its many attractions are the following:

  • Salt lakes
  • A wealth of exotic birds, including flamingos, owls, nightjars, cardinal birds and kingfishers
  • Many different plants and animals, including the Chacoan peccary (one of the latest big mammal discoveries) endemic to the Chaco, to be visited in "Proyecto Tagua" (a pleasant half-day tour from the ranch)
  • Tours to visit sites from the Chaco war, such as Fortin Boqueron, Isla Poi, Fortin Toledo
  • Anthropological projects such as the Indian settlement Yalve Sanga.
  • Well-known Mennonite museum in Filadelfia; neighbouring colonies Loma Plata and Neu Halbstadt

We advise on the tours according to your wishes and we take you there.